Who we are?

The brand Cotton Farm has extensive experience in Chiang Mai’s local fabric industry for many years.

The founder belief that the fabric of each region possesses its own individual charm and spiritual soul of that particular community, which reflects as its unique identity.  Blending this concept with the importance and relevance of nature and environment has thus led to the creation of the brand Cotton Farm which focuses on using cotton fabrics as raw materials for dyeing with natural colours.

The brand’s objective is for its client to become a part of nature conservation by using products which are not only friendly to the environment but also safe to their health.  Today’s evolution and development in this modern world has progressed at such a speed that sometimes we forget or overlook the very basic natures of our Earth.  This includes the home-grown knowledge and local production processes of indigenous artisans in each community, which is sadly disappearing and overcome by the present-day social and economic pressures.

Therefore we believe it is our mission to create stability and sustainability for all those involved in these invaluable production processes, be it in dyeing, weaving, sewing-embroidery or design.  It is vital that these unique craftsmanship and know-how be passed on to the next generations so as to preserve the spiritual soul and cultural heritage of each community, by paying attention and giving importance to all those involved in the innovation and creation of these irreplaceable arts which everyone can rightfully be proud of.

Meet COTTON FARM founder


Premruedee Kullasu, an expert in the art of hand-woven cotton, will offer intricate handmade cotton clothing and home accessories she affectionately named Cotton Farm. The contemporary handicrafts are 100% made in Chiang Mai, from cotton harvested by hand. They are also 100% non-toxic as the colours are all natural — created out of everything from indigo to cumin — and environmentally friendly.

Cotton Farm was founded by Premruedee Kullasu in Chiang Mai in 1998, with a focus on producing locallymade textile products from cotton fabrics. Since then, it has produced various textile crafts, such as gifts and souvenirs, home decoration items, handbags, clothes, fabrics, and cotton threads. Textile crafts have been distributed to domestic markets and also exported to customers in Japan, America, United Kingdom and European countries.

Our product

Handweave Cotton , Fashion , Home Decorative Items from local artisan in Chiang mai.