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Come and join our Tie Dye Workshop. Have fun and create your own Tie Dye masterpieces in the beautiful garden.

Natural Dye

Organic Cotton , grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. Product are softer than regular fabric.

Handicraft Product

Handweave Cotton , Fashion , Home Decorative Items from local artisan in Chiang mai.

Cotton Farm Showroom

catton farm products with beatiful tea cafe’ at 2nd fl Tea House Siam Celadon Bd Tha Phae Rd.


cotton farm

The brand Cotton Farm has extensive experience in Chiang Mai’s local fabric industry for many years. The brand’s objective is for its client to become a part of nature conservation by using products which are not only friendly to the environment but also safe to their health. Today’s evolution and development in this modern world has progressed at such a speed that sometimes we forget or overlook the very basic natures of our Earth. This includes the home-grown knowledge and local production processes of indigenous artisans in each community, which is sadly disappearing and overcome by the present-day social and economic pressures.

Our Work shop

playful leaning hand on work shop
Challenge youeself and come to create your own pattern. We will guiding you to discover creative and practical ideas.
Learn lots of techniques which can be use to create your own master piece or special gift for your friend .

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